Pilot training

Full Type Rating Courses

Courses are offered on the Airbus A320 (all family variants).

CCQ and Conversion Courses

CCQ (Cross Crew Qualification) courses are offered on the A330 to A320.

Base Training

Aircraft Training is offered on the A320 with our European partner airlines.

License & Recurrent Proficiency Checking

We offer a wide range of services in this area:

  • practice before a check or undertake the check itself, arrangements can be made to suit the individual.
  • our team of experienced examiners can be included in your Part D so that Operator Proficiency Checks can be conducted on your behalf.

Ground school Courses

Courses are offered for A320 family aircraft.

Training programs curriculum development

Use our experience and knowledge to ensure training effectivity and safety standards. Our team can assist you or develop on your behalf a recurrent training plan, conversion course or standardization plan for your instructors to mention some, or a custom training as required.

Instructor Training

Core Instructional Techniques Course

The course is provided for pilots who wish to become an instructor. The course meets the EASA-FCL requirements regarding the Approved Teaching and Learning module, and includes the required elements for CRMI accreditation. Please contact us for details.

A 320 (TRI) / (SFI) Course

This is a type-specific instructor course offered on the A320. It provides the required theoretical and technical background if a candidate wishes to exercise privileges of a A320 TRI or SFI in accordance with EASA Part FCL. An applicant must meet the requirements specified in EASA Part J.

EBT Instructor Development Course

This course is offered if an operator wishes to increase his proficiency training and checking effectivity and introduce mixed implementation of EBT under present EASA regulatory framework.
'Evidence-based training (EBT)' means training and assessment based on operational data that is characterized by developing and assessing the overall capability of a trainee across a range of core competencies rather than by measuring the performance during individual events or maneuvers. EBT has been recognized worldwide for its effectiveness in improving pilots' performance and safety of operations. Please contact us for details.

Examiner Training

Type Rating Examiner (TRE) Course - Examiner Refresher Seminars

We can conduct Examiner course in accordance with AMC1FCL.1015. Please contact us for details.

More info

For further details and availability, please contact us and make an enquiry using the form.